Napeansea at Dishoom

“On the Verandah, the serious business of lounging is in progress. People spill out from the shadows, and laze gratefully in the sunlight. Ice cubes clink inside crystal tumblers. Sunlight warms the brocade fabrics and carved wood of the heavy antique furniture. Shelves – filled with well-thumbed books – sit beside faded old photographs. A thin coil of sandalwood smoke rises from gently burning incense, and scratchy old jazz (Taj Mahal Foxtrot, anyone?) floats out of a 78 playing on the old gramophone. A light breeze ruffles the pages of the Times of India on the sideboard. The armchair creaks as someone settles further into its inviting bulk, sighing with contentment.

Ties are loosened, layers sloughed off. The scent of mint from a freshly-mixed Julep lingers in the air. A waitress refills glasses of Chai from a large battered teapot.” – Dishoom

The experience of the Verandah in Dishoom in Shoreditch which was inspired by the old Iranian cafes of Bombay has always held a glorious and bittersweet nostalgia for us (you can read about our history with Bombay here).

Over the years we formed dreams in our homesick hearts and began putting block-print to linen. Our vision of a parallel world of contemporary lifestyle accessories underpinned by the spirit of balmy Bombay society nights, the respite of a cool verandah on a searing afternoon and the whisper of the sea breeze through the palm leaves of ‘Nepean Sea Road’ (pronounced Nape-Ian-Sea) slowly began to take shape.

In the initial days of visualising our brand and the ideal locations to shoot our products we could only think of one place in London that would fit into our dreams. Suffice to say that writing the title of our first blog today post was an incredibly surreal moment!

Today we are so pleased to share that nestled in the Dishoom Verandah amongst colonial cane chairs and tropical house-plants this summer are our Bandhani Coral Cushion Cover, Indigo Bandhani Cushion Cover and Monochrome Kajal Jacquard Cushion Covers adding some contemporary Indian allure. We think they look completely at home, don’t you?

Photographs: Jon Aaron Green

Napeansea at Dishoom

Napeansea at Dishoom


Napeansea at Dishoom

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